Posted 02/08/2009 - 08:06 by conned

I am being attacked viciously by the yellow fellows (Manx people) they are putting insulting and rude comments on my video page with youtube. ie ' silly old cow, and Molly Sugden's older sister.' Please click onto the video and leave supporting comments. No insulting comments please, we want people to see the low level of intelligence displayed by the yellow fellows. Remember other people throughout the world are reading these comments.

Calling all expats, although you are far away, this is something positive you can do, please support me and click onto the videos. Julienne has also put herself on the line too and needs your support. Margaretta has also contributed a video. Many thanks.

I have had e mails from the yellow fellows saying, 'please don't destroy us.' I replied that we don't want to do them harm and put them in our position but it is up to their Government to sort this before too much damage is done.

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