Mailing lists, you right to opt in or out, and how to delete your account.

Posted 01/07/2009 - 12:04 by ng

Mailing lists

Currently there are two independent ways that emails can be sent to multiple site members:

Subscription notifications

These are mails sent automatically when something you have subscribed to gets updated. So for example you can subscribe to receive email notification of all posts made by a particular author, within a particular group or of a particular thread. You have full control over this feature (see the Notifications section in your account page.)

In general, once you have subscribed to something you will receive email when new posts or comments are made in that context, and if the original post is updated (edited.) This is a very convenient way of receiving email updates about only those topics which interest you (well, it would be if people commenting would try and stay on-topic!). In particular you may find it useful to subscribe to individual authors whose opinions you respect - in general you will see that option displayed in the Subscriptions menu (left of page) when viewing a post, and can achieve the same via the Notifications section in your account page.

Email sent to all registered users on the forum site

Access to this feature is only available to very few members (site administration and possibly other "special" members). The idea is for it to be used for vital news and announcements. Of course, what you consider as vital information may not be the same as what the sender considers vital!

As of 18-Oct-2011 it is now possible for you to opt-out of such mailings - go to your account page, click Edit, and scroll down to MASS CONTACT SETTINGS.

Anybody who is considering de-registering from the site as a result of "too much" email: If you de-register then clearly we will never be able to contact you in the future. However, by staying registered, disabling subscription notifications and opting out from mass mailings, there remains the possibility of you still receiving some news. We could produce something like a monthly newsletter, intended for all depositors and ex-depositors (those who had been paid out via DCS etc.)

The public site

Depending on when you originally joined, you may also have an account on the DAG's public site at If you originally joined before the public site was created (around early Dec 2008 as I remember) then you will have an account there because that site was originally a copy of the old forum site with all user accounts copied across. If you joined later, but registered on the public site, then of course you have an account there. The subscriptions feature has now been disabled there, so you will no longer receive any notification emails at all from that site.

Currently we do not "bulk email" members of the public site under normal circumstances (by definition, those members are more likely to be journalists and other interested parties rather than just depositors.) So, by maintaining an account on the public site you will not generally receive any kind of email from us.

It is my intention to delete all registered members form the public site at some point in the future. Before doing so I will email them to let them know, and offer them the chance to register on the forum site instead.

De-registering from the site

How to delete your account on the forum site: please read this information. For the public site use the contact form.

What happens if you de-register:

  • Anything you ever authored on the site will become shown as posted by anonymous - in years to come nobody will know who wrote it - this may or may not be what you would want!

  • The system will no longer maintain a copy of your email address nor other data in your account page.

  • You will no longer receive automatic emails of new and updated content (the subscriptions feature.)

  • You will have no access to any non-public content on the site. Most information here is now visible even to non-registered users (historically that was not the case.) However, some information here is still visible only to registered users, and in some cases only those who have joined relevant groups.

  • On any subsequent visit to the site you will not have the ability to see whether content is unread (new or updated) since your prior visit, since that information is tracked by user account.

Please note:

  • Of course, other members may be able to retain a copy of your email address and any other information you may have previously supplied to them. For example, another member may have a copy of your email address if you had ever entered into email communication with them. (Reminder: using the Contact feature here to contact another member discloses your email address to that person.)

  • Some basic information from your account page is visible to all other registered users (see mine as an example). Whilst that information will be removed from the database here if your account is deleted, it may still exist elsewhere if anybody had previously taken a copy of it - that's is beyond our control of course.

  • The system does not delete your posts after your account is deleted, only show them as authored by anonymous. It effectively forgets who the author was, i.e. keeps no record of user-name or email address. However, it is not unusual for user names to be referred to in posts written by other members, and so might effectively indicate who authored a referenced post. Such references cannot be deleted automatically - the system cannot know whether sad is a user-name or just a word.

  • It is of course standard procedure to make backup copies of our database. Thus your data may continue to exist within our system for some period of time. It would eventually be deleted only when all old backup copies had become replaced with newer versions made after your account had been deleted. Currently backups are kept on the server for a week, but that procedure might change in the future. In addition, our hosting company may have backup procedures that result in data being kept for a period of time.


Clearly it is entirely your option if at any time you choose to de-register. However, I would suggest that staying registered may have its advantages, both to you and the group. Apart from anything else, how will we contact you to invite you to the huge party that we will have when this is all finally over!?

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