Loan trust proposal

Posted 29/12/2010 - 17:50 by anrigaut

In response to the question "who exactly is proposing a loan trust to the IOM?" posted by Bellyup as a News item (and thus not allowing comments), it seems a little clarification is in order.

The proposal of a loan trust is the result of the work done by DST during 2010 in collaboration with a professional campaign team whose services to date have been paid for by generous contributions from around 200 depositors registered on the website. At the request of DST, an outline proposal is currently being drafted by lawyers via the campaign team and will shortly be sent to both the IOM and the UK governments and authorities on behalf of DAG.

DST are in regular contact and consultation with PPDG on initiatives, including the loan trust, and they are wholeheartedly behind efforts to have 100% of funds returned to all depositors and bondholders.

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