Letters Written to MHK & BBC

Posted 19/12/2008 - 18:25 by blombos

For anyone's information, I have written a 3-page letter to Alan Bell, MHK, on Isle of Man with my thoughts as a long standing (18 years) IOM resident standing to lose a small fortune of money at age 63 year just when I would like to start taking life a little easier - now I have to work harder than ever in mu business.

Also suggested IF there is any financial loss, then at least for IOM Residents, any such loss should be totally TAX deductible in Company name AND in Personal capacity.

I have also e-mailed Robert PESTON directly (not to his blog) of BBC News fame - he is their financial expert, to see if he would take up the story as well. He has a HUGE Blog following and appears on BBC TV programmes from time to time.

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