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Posted 02/03/2009 - 20:33 by ng

Update: Just a reminder that this facility remains available.

Those DAG members who are active sending emails to various parties might like to use an email address along the lines of your-name(?)ksfiomdepositors [dot] org - the two primary advantages are:


  • You give the impression that you are part of the DAG. The DAG appears more "professional" and more of a force to be reckoned with.

  • Your standard personal email address can be kept private. Any mail coming in to your DAG address can be automatically forwarded to your personal address.


  • Ideally, your email program (if you use one) such as Outlook needs to be properly configured to send the mail via our server's email service rather than via your ISP. If not there is a slightly increased chance that your outgoing mail might be treated as spam by the receiving system. This is for technical reasons, due to how anti-spam systems work - they try to associate an email address with a sending server - ksfiomdepositors.org in this case - and if the two don't match they regard that as a possible spam signal. This issue can also be overcome by using a web-mail service to send email, rather than Outlook etc, and there are other possible solutions.

  • The DAG as a whole needs to decide how (if at all) use of such addresses should be controlled, i.e. can any member who asks for one have one, or is some kind of "screening" needed.

  • There is a potential privacy issue in that any incoming mail to an @ksfiomdepositors.org address could be accessed by our site technicians (primarily me.) The same goes for any other email service, i.e. if you use gmail, then the technicians at Google can read your email - in practice you assume that they have better things to do, and trust their privacy policy - the same reasoning should be applied here.

If anybody would like further information, please contact me.

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