Kaupthing Bank Hf want to flee Manx Jurisdiction - Court hering today

Posted 27/11/2008 - 08:59 by jonathansmalley

I have just been told that the advocates acting for Kaupthing Bank Hf in the Isle of Man winding up Petition want to be released and Kaupthing Bank Hf want to withdraw from the proceedings.

There is no problem with the advocates going, but it is vital that Kaupthing Bank Hf are not released from the proceedings. They have voluntarily submitted to the jurisdiction of the Isle of Man and it may be a vital benefit in the winding up that they are amenable to the jurisdiction of the Manx Courts in the winding up.

Ring your advocate now and instruct him on the point (if he has not already taken it on board - and the good ones will have done). If you have not got an advocate and are on the Isle of Man go to Court at 10 am today and make the point. Failing that ring the FSC and tell them - they might see the importance of keeping Kaupthing Bank Hf in these proceedings.

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