Posted 23/12/2008 - 20:57 by cottesmore

I have already posted the fact, that i have had, a very long phone conversation with Alan Bell.I found him to be extremely sympathetic to our cause.(again, i stated that on my previous posting) I don't often post to many comments in, general discussions, as it invariably leads to, bickering, by a few individuals.That said,i will make the statement that, i also agree with you, in so much as, the IOM Goverment are the ones who have to and will lead, the recovery of our money.The island has no choice but to lead the process.We must all realise that, the UK Goverment,DOES NOT want to know us. We have many sympathetic UK MP supporters and various other people with, 'routes,' to power.But it is time for the reality check.No one,but no one,has had a single response, from any letter,email, or carrier pidgeon, sent to the PM or Chancellor.......FACT. Are we going to continue writing,emailing,etc? Of course we are.......FACT. Be very aware,Xmas is now with us, (bleedin' obvious) but no immenant assistance is in the 'pipeline,' from the UK.By the time the holiday period is finished, we will be facing the next court hearing.Part of my discussions with Alan Bell, was on the only option i thought truly viable........NATIONALISATION. I believe that the IOM should seek to take control of the bank by, facilitating a loan, from either, UK Goverment,IMF (if the UK would represent IOM at IMF) or other means.Perhaps,assistance from, the big insurance groups and banks on the island.Dont forget they need this to work as much as we do, or 30% of the population on the island, is up sht creek, without a paddle! That is in addition, to the others employed, 'off island.'
Right,how can we help?.......Here is what i think.(god help me!) We should all be asked, if we would like to leave our money in the, 'NEWCO' bank.All those who want out,pay them out, 100% .We will then know what amount is required to service that run on, 'NEWCO.'All remaining depositors agree a undertaking to leave their funds with, 'NEWCO,' for,say,12 months.This will recieve a commercial rate of return. (if not more) We would also expect in return, a new guarantee from IOM, for our entire funds.This would allow the IOM and 'others' to, have the 'bunfight' for the, £550 million frozen in the UK.Now, i dont know, what the position is,of each, of your financial situations are.But those who rely on their money for income,i guess,would only invest it, somewhere else.(i know i would/will) Therefore, we should be lobbying the IOM, to let them know,who's IN,who's OUT.They truly are, the only ones, 'talking' to us.They are, the only ones, IOM DAG leaders have had any meetings with.Who,from the UK, is listening and meeting with us.Work with what you've got.Turn your anger into something achieveable.We must also remember that IOM Goverment are the only ones who have passed agreement to, send a £1000 per account holder. I know all the comments, about them being, 'tight gits,the've got £150 million DCS,blah,blah,blah.' Has the UK Goverment offered you anything? No, Jack sht, is all you will get from them! I am NOT saying, dont write,dont comment.I am just pointing the arrow in the direction that gives us, the best chance of, OUR MONEY BACK.Some of you can, go and wave flags, shout and scream, till the cows come home,if you want too.Let's do that, if this doesn't work.I promise to go to the IOM with you and wave my arse off.Till then,i would like to focus with IOM DAG and IOM Goverment, for they are, the only positive, current, viable route available.All that said,we can still keep our, 'options' open by, contiuing to do more of the same,but, with a 'lead,' preferred option.
Right then,your turn,let the debate begin! ( i am sure, i am going to wish, that i had stuck to my chosen forum job, 'well you have to smile')

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