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Posted 16/02/2009 - 09:48 by Anonymous

What is coming home more and more is the terrible human cost to some of this financial disaster. And the dreadful feeling that those in authority just don't seem to care.

Although individuals don't want to tell of the difficulties they are in.. some of our elderly people.. children from the war.. are suffering terribly because they have chosen to live in places where healthcare COSTS.. fine if you have money.. but a disaster when some political catastrophe takes it all away.. can't pay for chemo, operations, care homes... as a result, they are suffering badly .

Please can we ask you to take the time today to tell your own story. Then we can make sure everyone truely understands the scale of our plight.
Please post your messages HERE

We are fighting them using all legal, political and media means possible. We need everyone to understand the human cost of this crisis. It's not just a game of numbers, it's a reality of life.

How can Tony Brown, Allan Bell, John Aspden, et al face themselves in the mirror each morning?
How can we let them get away with it?
We have to fight this injustice with all the energy we can muster!

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