How to submit a claim under the Parental Guarantee

Posted 28/12/2009 - 22:16 by anrigaut

Updated, 29 Dec 09:

The final details (followed closely by an addendum!) have now been emailed to all depositors on our enlarged mailing list. If you require this information and have not received it by email, you may contact DSTContact(?)ksfiomdag [dot] com to request a copy. But please check your email first.

Please print sign and scan your form and send as an attachment to the address supplied. Don't worry about how you calculate the interest (see comments in the Addendum).

If you are still wondering whether to submit a claim, you may wish to read my comments in response to bellyup here: ("Re PG claims")

Good luck,

Posted on behalf of KSFIOM DAG Strategy Team, 28 Dec 09:

The DST has arranged for an Icelandic law firm to act on behalf of depositors who still wish to lodge individual claims under the Khf Parental Guarantee to the Winding up Committee (WuC). Completed and signed claim forms will need to be scanned and sent by email to the law firm as soon as possible, but no later than mid-day on Wednesday 30th Dec. Final details will be notified and emailed out tomorrow morning, so please be as prepared as you can to act!

Since the Depositor Compensation Scheme (DCS) Manager has now announced (on 24 Dec) that he has lodged a claim, anybody who has claimed under the DCS (and thereby assigned their rights to the Scheme) will not need to make an individual claim themselves as the DCS manager has done so already on your behalf.

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