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This is the just one illustration of the incompetance we are having to endure in this matter. No one cares and no one understands. Sice DAG started I have spent hours writing to MPs and goverment departments and apart from the moronic reply from the treasury set out below, not a word. I am also very disspointed in the way the group has become fragmented, the HVD always had the upper hand and had I known what the outcome would be, I would not have supported them on the SOA.

Forrest, Helena [Helena [dot] Forrest(?)hm-treasury [dot] x [dot] gsi [dot] gov [dot] uk]
Dear Mr -------
Thank you for your email of 11 December to the Enquiry Unit about access to UK banking services. We have experienced unprecedented volumes of correspondence in recent months and I apologise for the delay in responding.
There is no legal or regulatory barrier to banks providing services to non-residents, but many banks and building societies have decided not to do so. I understand this is largely on commercial, not regulatory grounds, and is driven chiefly by concerns about fraud prevention and additional administrative requirements in dealing with people abroad.
We have made enquiries and I can confirm that the number of banks and building societies who are prepared to offer services to non-residents is small. It may partly depend on a firm's target market and whether an applicant can present themselves at a suitable branch to make an application in person rather than remotely.
The Government cannot offer a referral service to help non-residents. Instead the British Bankers Association has begun to offer an account finder service through its website at . It is intended to help those who have difficulty in finding a suitable onshore account. I hope this goes some way to helping those who are in the same position as yourself.
Once again I apologise for the delay in responding.

Yours Sincerely

Helena Forrest
Financial Services Strategy

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Dear Ms Forrest,
Where exactly on BBA website?


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Dear Ms Forrest,
Thank you for the link. You have exposed the problem which we, as ex pats, all share. The banks listed all require the customer to bank off shore.
Having been caught out by banking on the Isle of Man and lost every penny of my meagre savings (the compensation scheme has still not been activated even after 8 months), I have no wish to repeat the same mistake. I did not choose to bank there. It was merely the only option open to me. Whilst writing, I wonder if you are able to answer this question: Why is it that a British citizen with a British passport who has worked and paid taxes all his life in the United Kingdom, who has an unblemished banking record and has never owed anyone, not allowed to open a bank account in his own country? I would appreciate your help on this as it has become an impossible situation.
Thank you.


Thu 04/06/2009 16:44

Dear Mr -----
Thank you for your further re-mail on 4 June 2009.
We have answered your question in my first reply to you.

Yours Sincerely,
Helena Forrest

To: Helena Forrest
Financial Services Strategy Team
HM Treasury

Dear Ms Forrest,
Thank you for your help but it is pointless continuing with this matter, you are clearly not in touch with reality. With the continued threats by Brown & Darling regarding off shore accounts would you consider banking off shore? I can honestly say that there are hundreds of ex pats removing their money from off shore accounts on which they were paying tax to UK Gov. I personally know of two who between them have moved 3,000,000 which now sitting in Spanish Banks. This is good or not for the UK?

Kind regards,

The 3,000,000 is a fact and they live close to me in Spain.

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