The German depositors got all their money back!!!!!

Posted 10/02/2010 - 19:10 by germanmike

The German depositors got all their money back!!!!!

That is good news, but listen to this:
they got paid out directly from the Bank in Iceland, in Euros, all their deposits 100%, no matter how much and all this from the banks own funds in Iceland
Kaupthing Germany was a branch of Kaupthing Hf, hence no German deposit compensation scheme was applicable.
Neither did they have a parental guarantee.
Intitally the German government offered a loan to Iceland, but the Icelandics rejected this, so they decided in April last year to compensate all depositors 100% from their own funds.
And listen to this:
german depositors also claimed for lost interest, and in most cases this was approved by the WUC, and interest will be paid.

All this was done through political pressure to the RIGHT people, and they did talk to the right people, not shitfaces like Tony Brown and the other crooks in the IOM.

this year is general elections in the UK: we MUST pull together now, and exert political pressure to the RIGHT people.



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