"Fivestar" voting added to Blog entries, maybe it should be elsewhere too

Posted 08/11/2008 - 17:21 by ng

Now you can "rate" the overall quality of a Blog entry using the same "stars" system we're using on News Items. This allows you to give basic feedback on Blog entries even though commenting is not possible.

All of this is part of my strategy to make the site easier to use in therms of finding relevant and quality information. Another step will be to provide a way of viewing all of the most highly rated entries.

There's no particular reasons why the ratings system can't be retro-fitted to Forum posts, the challenge would be there there are already many posts and of course they would have no rating.

We've tended to abuse the comments feature since the site started. Comments are meant to be just that, all based on an original topic. Yet we have threads where comments introduce sub-topics, then sub-sub-topics and so on. Unfortunately this makes a bit of a mess.

I'm allowing comments on this item as I'd welcome feedback re. the issue of adding the star-rating system to Forum topics.

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"Fivestar" voting

Could this be applied to Forums & Topics?

Posted by columbgc on Wed, 12/11/2008 - 07:05