Email to Ian Pearson re Bank Accts & Non Resident UK citizens

Posted 28/11/2008 - 16:13 by Tricky Dicky

Dear Mr Pearson,
Following certain comments I have read, made allegedly by yourself, saying essentially, that there are no restrictions within the UK banking system for non-resdent UK citizens to open a bank account with a UK mainland bank, I would be obliged if you read the information detailed below and verify by using the links provided.

'Tricky Dicky' Kaupthing Singer & Friedlander (Isle of Man) Depositors Action Group

1.Alliance & Leics web site – Legal Information – General Information

  1. Target Audience

Although anyone may be able to access the Website, the content of the Website and the products and services featured are only directed at and are only available to and for use by residents of the United Kingdom. They are not available to anyone who is not a resident of the United Kingdom.

2.HSBC web site – differentiates between UK IOM and CI’s;jsessionid=0000ekN6ozERG0...

(Note: there is a statement that says ‘this is for UK only’)

  1. Royal Bank of Scotland specifically items 2 & 3 Use of Website

  1. Natwest

  1. Lloyds TSB

Lloyds at present are in the process of “getting back to me”. There appears nothing in their terms & conditions as of today that restricts non-residents from opening an account with them. What they have said is that you would need to go to a branch, with proof of identification, (passport) and proof of where you live (bills etc). From this they would do a Credit Check (Experian), my comment was that with a non UK address how do you do a UK credit check, it was intimated that it probably wouldn’t make a difference, my response was ‘so the information you rely on can be false?” – this is what they are getting back to me on. Normally however this bank when they take your overseas address will automatically refer you to their ‘International Branch’ based either in the Isle of Man or on the Channel Islands.

Update 1: received a phone call back from Lloyds TSB, from the UK to my French mobile (glad I wasn't paying the bill). My contact now says she can't actually find a real answer, just conflicting information from various departments. The only recourse was to put it down as a complaint and see what happens - I will keep you updated

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