Direct Action More Needed

Posted 11/10/2009 - 08:20 by upthecreek

Totally agree with Peter, we need to continue with the protests, it has obviously cost the Derbyshire money to provide all that security and police for that event, if we continue with these protests it will be a continual drain on resources as the loss of our savings has been for us for the last 12 months.

National Coverage, is what we need, everyone we spoke to In Derby town centre was fully suportive of our cause, and was not aware of our position, this is due to it being hushed up and pushed under the carpet.

The Sunday Telegraph is looking for people who have been forced to go back to work after the loss of their savings and are wanting to do a story on thoes people.

Another National newspaper also intersted in stories and Watchdog TV are wanting information.

Please the see site for the contact details of Telegraph reporter to contact. And if you are willing to tell your story please let us know so we can forward you details on to the press. Please make your story as short as possible but with all important details.

Contact Nivit, the Derbyshire Team Leader or Angriaunt

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