DEPOSITOR OR NOT - UPDATE YOUR ACCOUNT DETAILS - All Registered Members your ACTION is required

Posted 21/11/2008 - 17:32 by Tricky Dicky

Of the 2187 members, 1208 have left it balnk when asked if they are depositors or not. With the possibility of voting coming up very shortly it is asked that your status is correct.

It is vitally important for assessment purposes and potential requirements to vote on our future solutions, that all members have declared if they are depositors or not. Please verify that your account is correct on this fact.

In order to check this go to the left hand side of the page and click 'My Account' , just below your username. Under 'Optional' it will state what it is you initially declared, if you are a depositor it will say you are. you need do nothing more - thank you.

If you are a depositor and this section is a) blank, or b) says 'not prepared to answer' please click on 'Edit' just under your username. Go to the word 'optional' and click on this. You can now edit to show your true status. After you have edited press 'save' and its done.

It is assumed that if you are 'not a depositor' then you have notified us of such. Again we would ask you to edit you status to reflect your true situation

Thank you all for this, it helps our survey & calculation work prior to the next Hearing of our case and ANY POTENTIAL SOLUTIONS THAT ARISE from IOM Government or their appointment of Alix & Co, following the Court Hearing on 27 Nov 2008

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