Posted 20/02/2009 - 01:15 by Lucky Jim

Anyone who knows anything about Group Dynamics will tell you exactly how a group of people without a leader will behave after a turn of events like that of the Court Ruling on 19 February. It is something akin to putting a few dozen starving ferrets in a cage!

Many reading this will be seething with anger & bitterly disappointed by yet more delay in getting any of their money -- apart from the promised EPS of £1000 & £10,000. With feelings running high it is a perfectly normal reaction to look for someone to blame, to seek out a scapegoat. That is exactly what has happened here within hours of the Court's decision.

As someone who has worked in both government & Crown courts I have my own idea as to why the Court took a diametrically opposite position on 19 February to that of the previous Court in January. I have good reason for not putting this in writing here.

But right now we need to get one thing absolutely clear -- everyone from the DAG side of the fence did what they felt was right, and nothing was done with any idea of securing some advantage at the expense of someone else.

Nothing was done without due care & consultation. The London Team did a remarkable job under the most exacting of circumstances. Despite the pressure & the tight schedule under which they worked they looked after the content of the Public Forum, issued impressive Press Releases and kept the Forum posted.

The High Value Group for their part did exactly what the Group came together to do. Despite being so scattered globally they did it with utmost professionalism & took great care to consult widely & responsibly. They certainly did not come to any conclusions that deliberately sought to subordinate the interests of others to their own.

Now, let us be perfectly clear on this key point: the Court's decision had very little to do with the submissions by anyone from the DAG side of the fence. It had more to do with the interests of the IOM Government, despite it having failed to do what was asked of it at the previous Court hearing.

Whilst further delay has been visited like a plague upon needy, despairing depositors, it has given the DAG a window of opportunity to follow through further political, media & legal initiatives.

The UK Prime Minister at his Press Conference on 18 February acknowledged the precarious position that depositors had been place in by regulatory failure and that this must be sorted. He said: "we know that we need a regulatory transformation so that people can feel that their savings and their deposits are safe."

We must lobby him again and put another Petition that quotes him on the No.10 website. We must quote him to our MP's asking what they are prepared to do afresh to have this golden principle upheld in the Crown Dependency of the IOM that falls short in doing there what HM Government has done on the mainland.

Whilst it is difficult competing with all the other big bad news that grabs the headlines, we must keep up our media campaign. Fortuitously the DAG has the IOM media on its side, despite pressure being put on it to 'look after the IOM - its industry, its people and the government they have elected'. Members are having everything that's submitted published - even cartoons! The Isle of Man is the DAG's 'Waterloo' battlefield. This is where DAGS ARMY will stand 4-square to fight the injustice & the betrayal of our trust.

Also we now have the space to take up the legal battle, to fight on a second front through the courts. The strength of our case will be confirmed by our lawyers being prepared to represent us on a 'No Win = No Fee' basis. We will look seriously at attacking the enemy through the European Court of Human Rights, justifiably claiming that members have been illegally dispossessed of their property.

Let us not be downcast when things do not always go the way we had hoped. Rather let us marvel at what has been accomplished. Let us show our appreciation to all members who have given so very much of their time, energy & money for this just cause. Let us be 'all for one and one for all', respecting, supporting & encouraging each other in the common bond we share -- the loss of our hard earned money, snatched from under our noses by people who we had every reason to believe we could trust..

Our Mission is NOT impossible . DAGS ARMY is going to beat this morally bankrupt system

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