DAG Strategy Team POLITICAL UPDATE 26th March

Posted 26/03/2009 - 14:20 by Anonymous

The fundamental objective of our political communications is to break the current impasse that exists – where we have an IoM government too scared to rock the boat with the Treasury and a UK government that is washing its hands of our plight, saying it is the IoM’s responsibility.

We have therefore been raising the profile of the plight of depositors, and the unfairness that we’re facing, with MPs, peers and advisers both within government and the political parties, making the point that both governments are responsible. In doing so we have been calling for the UK and IoM governments to enter into proper discussions to find a way to secure 100% of money for us all, whether through a loan to the IoM or another financial arrangement. In addition we will be presenting to both sides the financial case for a loan.

Over the last week, over 400 MPs and 200 peers, including all members of the Treasury Select Committee, have received a briefing. Given the fact that time is running out before the hearing on 9 April, we have also asked members to again contact their MPs to ask for their help. This is important, because many MPs will not do anything unless it is directly related to their constituency work. It is also important that you let us know whom you have contacted and what response you get.

We are, as you would expect, also making strong representations to the opposition front benches, asking them to put pressure on the UK government. At the same time, our plan is to generate and capitalise on media stories, which provide hooks on which we can repeatedly contact political targets and keep our campaign firmly on their radar. We managed to do this with coverage in the Financial Times and Daily Mail in relation to Dave Whelan and JJB earlier this week which gave us leverage in the political arena.

The Treasury Select Committee report was due next week but has unfortunately been delayed. We need this to be published before 9 April since we believe that the TSC has been thorough and fair in its assessment of events leading up to the demise of KSFIOM and will be putting forward appropriate recommendations regarding remedies that should be put in place for depositors.

To be effective, we need to be united, focused and consistent in our message and we need to know what members themselves are doing so please keep us informed. Where we are unable to share information on the political and media front it is only because to do so would inhibit its effectiveness. We know that IoMG are registered users and can not afford to give them unfair advantage.

Remember that together we can still make a difference.

(Please follow this link for details of the letter you should send to your MP)

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