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Posted 24/12/2008 - 02:30 by bobwin

What you said makes a lot of sense to me.

I would need access to some of my cash but as you say, we need somewhere SAFE to keep it and the main purpose is to get a good return for living expenses until I get my whole pension in 2 years time-I would not want or need to spend all the capital before then.
With interest rates low and the ponud sinking, we have a double wammy anyway-don't want to convert into local currency unless I have to.
Unfortunately, it is impractical for me to visit IOM as I live in asia and don't have enough cash anyway.
Unlike our desperate friends with the boat who cannot even pay the harbour dues!

They really are up the creek with no paddle!

Regards to all

PS-anyone heard about the payment date for the £1000?
I have received no communication yet.

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