Posted 28/01/2009 - 19:23 by direstraits

We are becoming very disturbed by the continual discourse over the DCS v SOA issue. It appears to me that although the DAG team are doing a wonderful job no one has, as yet, provided anything but speculation and the IoM Gov are just playing us all along because they have no definitive plan for resolving the situation. What is transpiring appears to us to be an extremely devious attempt by IoM Gov to extricate themselves from the situation with as little financial outlay as possible. There seems to be no will or desire on their part to make decisions and all the time they are prevaricating, we are footing the astronomical account being run up by the administrators.
My wife and I are extremely stretched at the moment but refused to accept the EPS on principle as it was by any standard derisory. (Neither will we accept any larger amount of EPS offered.) We have purposely and carefully kept our deposits at KSF IoM just below the compensation level. It is therefore, our particular view and possibly one shared by many other smaller depositors, that whilst we are prepared to accept any scheme, SOA or otherwise, which will ensure the return of the money which we would have received under the DCS, we would not support a scheme that provided less. Let us all hope that reason and perhaps conscience will prevail on IoM and the IoM Gov will do what they should have done three months ago.
As a matter of interest, my wife and I moved to Calpe in Spain in 2005 and shortly after arriving were invited to a dinner party where we met an American Bank manager. He told us that, within three years there would be an serious financial crisis which would start in America and effect the whole world. He further suggested that the only place to keep money would be under the mattress!
Do you think I should have e-mailed Gordon?
If I had he would probably have ignored it along with all the others I have sent him.

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