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Some time ago DAG members provided details of their plight. Time has moved on and we want to make sure everyone knows about the continued suffering this debacle has entailed. If you have a story, would you please provide a start to finish outline of your situation and name/contact numbers with agreement or otherwise as to whether you will speak to the press. Please do provide the information you sent before plus an update if you already have sent your story. Some, we know have been used very effectively on the DAG website front page and for those, we thank you!

We would appreciate a quick response. This would be a huge help to us all and enable us to move quickly when opportunities arise over the next few weeks.

A useful outline is:
Background to your personal story
Citizenship, place of residence, amount invested and vehicle used (direct, Derbyshire, bond etc)
Why was your money deposited with KSFIOM in the first place - what led you to make the decision to choose KSFIOM?
What effect has the KSFIOM crisis had on you?
Who do you believe is responsible for the situation?
What do you want to happen?
Any other information that is relevant - effect on your health, your family, your business, your contribution to society etc. etc
Name and contact details, email and telephone and willingness to speak to the press.

Email the case study information to KSFIOMCaseStudies(?)googlemail [dot] com

Many thanks,
DAG Strategy Team

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