Brown's Gobal awareness and International co-operation

Posted 17/11/2008 - 03:39 by Anonymous

After Brown's visit to the USA, where he snacked on 200 pound bottles of wine, he is telling us all that his main objective is to embrace all countries in this world-wide financial problem.

Could anyone tell me which country the small Isle of Man comes under? I always thought, with my pass in GCE Geography that it was part of the UK!

If seals or seagulls were being slaughtered on the IOM, would not the UK Minister of the Environment be showing his concern by blubbering all over our TV screens.

Luckily my OAP is paid into a small Barclays current account in Jersey, or else I would have lost my pension as well.

Can we not press the PM into not shirking his responsibilities in respect of the islands surrounding his own country, before he starts crying over his caviar with the twenty other countries he pretends he's worried about?

Ex-Derbyshire B.S. (well, why not - I was a Head Teacher there for many years)

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